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The Second Exhibition

The Han Dynasty

The Western Han Empire reached the first prime in ancient Chinese history with its capital settled in Chang'an. After the opening of the Silk Road, as the starting point of this east-west trade route, Chang'an became the center of civilization in East Asia and a prominent international metropolis. China emerged as a powerful country for the first time in the world. The archaeological findings from Chang'an and the emperors' tombs fully demonstrate the prosperity of the society, the colorful life of the people, the diversity of the art and the up-beat spirit of the people of the Han Empire.


The Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties

China underwent a period of chaos and disunity with constant wars and turbulences from the year 220 to 581 known in history as the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern dynasties. Minority ethnic groups in northern China contended with each other with some of them immigrated into Shaanxi leading to the merging of the agrarian culture with the pasture culture. The Silk Road was still thriving as before. The advance of Buddhism to the east promoted the development of culture and art.