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Painted Pottery Bottle with Human Face Pattern

Neolithic Age

Unearthed from Jiangzhai Site, Lintong District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province in 1977

Major sites of the early Yangshao Culture include Banpo and Yuhuazhai in Xi'an, Jiangzhai in Lintong and Longgangsi in Nanzheng. In this period, pottery utensils were exquisitely made and decorated with realistic and abstract patterns, such as fish, human-faced fish, deer, frogs, triangles, curves and stripes.

This bottle's body pattern is a deformed human face made up of triangles, ellipses and dots. Similar patterns can often be seen on the bronzes of the Shang Dynasty, which indicates that the inheritance of this kind of decorative pattern has a certain continuity.