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Treasures of the Great Tang Dynasty

On October 5, 1970, two large urns, containing more than one thousand splendid gold, silver, jade, crystal, agate and glass wares, were unearthed at Hejiacun village in the southern suburbs of Xi'an city, the place where the Xinghua Quarter of Chang'an city of the Tang dynasty was located. These wares won everybody's admiration for the perfect integration of the bearing of the Great Tang dynasty and the exotic style. The Chinese archaeologists addressed this discovery as a rival of "Treasures of Oxus River", the famous archaeological discovery known by the west, as well as one of the Significant Archaeological Discoveries of China during the Twentieth Century.

Since Hejiacun treasures were discovered, only a small part of them were displayed in this museum or were invited to join the overseas tour exhibitions. Most of them were kept in the storehouses. When these treasures were buried? Who was the owner? Why they were buried? This exhibition, the most complete one, aims to invite you to explore these riddles, and to share the rare legacy of the great Tang dynasty.