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First, information for free open of Shaanxi History Museum

The free open time is from every Tuesday to Sunday, visiting time: winter (November 15 to March 14 of the next year), 9:00 a.m.-17:30 p.m. (16:00 p.m. stop offering tickets), the summer (March 15 to November 14), 8:30 a.m.-18:00 p.m. (16:30 p.m. stop offering tickets). It is closed all day on Mondays for refurbishment (except national legal holidays).

Second, implementing the principle of “no charge but not no tickets”

1. 9,000 tickets are provided everyday with its limited quantity and time  until they are all distributed.

2. Individual visitors (with ID card or effective certificate) are now required to make reservations on the official website ( or WeChat official account "Shaanxi History Museum Ticketing System" to ensure entry to the museum. Online reservations are available up to seven days in advance, and the tickets are valid only during the reservation period.

3. For group visits, the tour guide should bring his/her ID card and unit introduction letter to the Ticketing Center of Shaanxi History Museum in advance to consult and book tickets.

4. The elderly, disabled people and elementary school students must be accompanied by family members or their guardians to get the tickets from the exclusive window; active duty soldiers have a priority to get the tickets.

5. Those with untidy clothes and bad manners and those carrying dangerous goods are not allowed to enter into the Museum.

Third, there are free deposit boxes in the museum, please keep the valuables by yourself.

Fourth, visiting vehicles must park in the specified position of the parking lot orderly, please do not park in the no-parking area.

Fifth, in the exhibition hall, flash photographing, eating and drinking, noise and frolic are prohibited, doing something unrelated to visit is banned; behaviors such as spitting, smoking and throwing away litter are also forbidden.

Sixth, please take good care of the cultural relics, exhibition facilities, other public service facilities, flowers, plants, green space and so on; if you damage them, you should be liable for the damage or bear corresponding legal responsibility.

Seventh, museum services charge in accordance with the price standards set by price department. Charging items include: the temporary exhibition held through the market operation, display interpretation, the audio guide rent, parking, souvenirs, the book sales, catering services and so on; the audience can choose those services according to their own needs.
Eighth, Shaanxi History Museum is responsible for the explanation of the management methods.

The consulting service telephone: 029-85253806

Shaanxi History Museum

November, 2020