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Male Attendant Holding a Polo Stick

This painting was drawn in the Princess Tang An's tomb.  Princess Tang An(762-784AD) was the oldest daughter of Emperor Dezong, Li Kuo.  In 784 AD, Princess Tang An followed his father fled to Yangxian County to escape the mutiny,  and soon after she died of the cruel disease at the age of 23.

The painting of male attendant holding a polo stick was drawn on the eastern wall of the corridor , the height is 119 centimeters, and the width is 103 centimeters.  In the painting, both men were wearing a black scarf and a round-necked collar shirt, the man in front held his hands on his chest, and as if deep in thought.  The man in the back whose both hands holding the polo stick, and respectfully followed,  his identity is lower.