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Female Attendant and Dwarf

This painting was drawn in the Prince Zhanghuai's tomb.  Prince Zhanghuai, Li Xian(654-684AD), was the sixth son of Emperor Gaozong, and was born by Wu Zetian.  The first year of civilization, Empress Wu forced him to commit suicide in Bazhou.  In the second year of Shenlong Reign(706AD), Emperor Zhongzong dispatched officials to remove his coffin back and reburied in the satellite tomb of Qianling mausoleum.  In the second year of Jingyun Reign(711AD), he was posthumously admitted as Prince Zhanghuai.

The painting of female attendant and dwarf was drawn on the eastern side of the front chamber , the height is 168 centimeters, and the width is 102 centimeters.  This painting opens up a window for everyone to understand the life of the dwarf in the Tang Dynasty.

Three people in the picture were in a moving state, and headed by a short stature person, who was looking back and talking with females next to him, and he looks funny and naive.  In the middle is a young woman in a red lapel tunic robes, and the last woman in a white collar green skirt who is plump and graceful.  Her right hand pointed up, and the eyes extend with the direction of the fingers to a bird soaring wings.